Website Development

Have your website professionally developed with digital marketing and SEO in mind. It is important that your website follows the latest trends, while abiding by Google’s ever-changing guidelines on what yields the best search results.


Depending on what you plan on using your website for, it is very likely that you will receive more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. Recently, Google made the switch to “crawl” websites content mobile first. When we design your website, we will not only make sure it looks nice, but that it also works well and is updated to keep on top of the constantly changing digital landscape.

View our most recent projects below:

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Small batch dispatch

This latest project is an advanced e-commerce website with multiple shopping options, information pages, and social media interaction. It has been optimized for google search and having ad campaigns linked to it. The biggest focus when creating a site with multiple shopping options is to have a solid structure pre-launch. It can be very difficult to execute a website that contains this many options on your own. Thankfully, whether you need something this complex, or a more simple informational website, we have you covered.


Amanda xo

A social media influencer that specializes in connecting businesses with moms. See what she’s up to on Instagram

*Site coming soon*